Yancey Company Original Location1888: Yancey Lumber Company was founded by Thomas G. Yancey (1844-1914) in Newman, California. Today it is still partly family owned and doing business in Newman and Patterson as a lumber and hardware store under direction of Kern Hunewell.

1939: Yancey Company was founded by Joel H. Yancey, (1916-2001) at age 22. He was the son of Thomas G. Yancey. Joel opened his first office at 2114 K Street in Sacramento. In 1956 the office moved to the 30th & B Street location.

1957: Yancey Family PhotoYancey Company incorporated and was issued California Contractors License #165793. Yancey Company had become the West Coasts largest home improvement contractor, with over 80 employees, 22 trucks and offices in Reno and Chico.

Note: California Contractors License numbers are given in consecutive order. Yancey Company’s license number starting with a # 1 was one of the first issued. (License #165793)

1983: Joel H. Yancey retired and his son Tom G. Yancey, (1950- ) took over as president of Yancey Company.

1988:Tom Yancey developed a new company called the Tom Yancey Company. Tom Yancey Company specializes in roofing. Their office is located in Fair Oaks, California.

1888 Yancey Lumber Company1989: Robin E. Yancey (1946), Joel Yancey’s daughter, took over as president of Yancey Company with the help of her two sons Tommy and Ty Yancey.

1990: Yancey Company sold limited rights to use the name “Yancey Roofing” to Janet Gudgel, a long time Yancey employee. Gudgel/Yancey Roofing (License #589559) was founded.

2001: Joel H. Yancey, Chairman of the Board of Yancey Company and Yancey Lumber Company, passed away.

Today: 1956 Archived PhotoIn 2005 Yancey Company relocated the office from the family owned property at 30th & C Street to 8250 Alpine Avenue. Yancey Company is still family owned and operated by Robin E. Yancey. Yancey Company is now serving its’ third generation of customers. Yancey Company specializes in:

Yancey Remodeling • 8250 Alpine Ave • Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 441-1616 • Email: info@yanceyco.net