Bathroom Renovation

Every Great Bathroom Remodeling project Starts with choosing the right Construction Partner

Let’s say it up front, Yancey Company is not just another site claiming to do bath remodeling but just collects leads and sells them to other contractors.

Yancey Company is a full service Bathroom Remodeler.

We take all your ideas, all the things you like and dislike about your current bathroom, and we input them into our free estimate.

Then we create the design to your specifications and perform all the work involved – everything from demolition to final cleanup.

Your bath remodeler should have all of the following credentials:

  • Experience -Yancey Company has been around since 1939.
  • Should be Local -Yancey knows the Sacramento Region. Our office is in Sacramento and we serve all over the area from Auburn, Placerville, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Woodland and beyond.
  • Have a Showroom -Come out to our showroom to see and feel the quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Must be Licensed -We have licenses for ALL of the trades we offer.
  • Must be Insured -Yancey has General Liability policy AND we cover all of our workers with a Workman’s Compensation policy.
  • Must have a reputation with the Better Business Bureau for handling disputes in a prompt and fair manner.
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What Is A Bathroom Remodel?

A bath remodel is generally described as full tear out and replacement of your entire bathroom.

Yancey will perform varying degrees of remodeling but, if you want new lighting and want shower heads moved, etc., it mostly means removing sheetrock down to the studs.

This the most complete method because it allows a full inspection for dryrot and termites. Exposing the wiring and plumbing allows the opportunity to redesign locations of plugs, lighting fixtures and shower heads.

It allows the opportunity to expand your shower area or convert a tub to a shower…or vice versa.

Opportunities When Choosing a Full Bathroom Remodel

  • Relocating Shower Head
  • Adding overhead “Rain Shower” head fixture
  • Moving and/or enlarging sinks and counter tops (double sink?)
  • Moving and/or adding lighting and electrical plugs
  • Adding power to the towel bar for a towel warmer
  • Changing a regular bathtub to a jetted tub
  • Adding grab bars for your safety and security or for ADA compliance

So, you can see, the level of Bathoom Remodeling provided by Yancey Company affords you the most options and opportunities to change everything you did not like about your current bathroom.

Value! Besides the enjoyment you'll get out of your remodeled bathroom, Zillow estimates that California Residents can recover about 90% of the bath remodeling dollars spent when they sell their home! KA-CHING!

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Bathroom Wall Remodeling

When a full remodel is performed on your bathroom, you’ll get a complete replacement of all the sheetrock, and we do all the work. The proper materials will be used such as insulating exterior walls, vapor barrier like green board or tile backer for moisture control behind wet areas. All new texturing and paint.

We also provide and install a completely new shower surround whether you choose tile, cultured marble or other types of manufactured or natural stone materials. Don’t forget about the many options for glass surrounds with or without doors…swing doors or sliding doors. The glass options include rain glass, obscure and dozens of other degrees of color, texture and transparency.

Remodeling Bathroom Flooring and Fixtures

Flooring options are as wide and varied as the shower tile. You can choose from a variety of stone and tile options, patterns, textures and colors. You can even use wood flooring as an option but more commonly, tile is used with a wood texture and color. Your Yancey bath remodel consultant will work with you to choose the materials and color that is right for you and your home.

When we talk about fixtures, we are including the shower and bath “hardware” the sink and faucet components and the lighting. You’ll be presented with options on shapes and colors that, more often that not, should be seen in our showroom or at least in sample form. Shapes and colors that match the design scheme of your home whether that is modern, contemporary, farm house…your style!

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A Little Bit More About Yancey Company

As mentioned early, Yancey is no fly by night company. We’ve been around since the 1930’s and will be around for decades to come. We stay is business by being honest and trustworthy and transparent. That’s why we show you our licensing, insurance and reviews right up front.

We want you to realize the true value of your remodeled bathroom…a project that adds value and usefulness to your house. This is the type of project that makes your house a home.

Yancey team members will be around for your entire project and beyond. We’ll be making progress inspections and quality checks at each phase.

Our construction management team is demanding, discerning and quality minded. They will ensure the project stays on scope, on budget and completed on time.

Once your project is completed, we’re here for you to provide a warranty on our workmanship…we back up what we do! Ask your Bath Remodeling Consultant for more information.

Ready To Start Your Bath Remodel?