A growing family almost always needs additional living spaces. A recent article published in The Sacramento Bee discussed a space-efficient solution for this common homeowner’s dilemma:

The clients came to interior designer Laura Casey with a space dilemma: They did not want to give up the guest room in their suburban home, yet they needed a place for their child to play.

Casey came up with a solution often used in small urban apartments: a Murphy bed. It takes up less space than a sofa sleeper or futon and – unlike many of those – uses a standard mattress, so guests, including elderly grandparents, have a more comfortable stay.

Installing a Murphy bed to make the most out of a room’s available space is definitely a great idea. But this solution won’t work for just any room and it may not match your lifestyle or personal preferences. If you’re in desperate need for more space and a move to a bigger home is out of the question, why not consider an addition?

Whether you want to build a nursery or playroom, create a home office or a library, have a dedicated bedroom for new family members or guests, or expand your kitchen space, a local room addition contractor like Yancey Company will be able to help you achieve what you need and even propose solutions you may not have considered before.

The idea of constructing a whole new room or expanding an existing one can be daunting at first, especially when you start crunching numbers. But once you choose to partner with Yancey, they will do they best to work around your stated budget and guarantee that not a penny will be wasted in the completion of the project. They can also offer expert recommendations to help you further save on costs.

If you’re looking for a contractor who can handle room additions in Sacramento, get in touch with Yancey Company. Visit their website for more information today.

(Article from “Murphy beds allow efficient use of space in homes”; March 8, 2014)

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