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Many homeowners don’t often notice the first signs that their house is aging. Seeing it regularly on a day to day basis, many homeowners don’t see that the paint color is fading after years of exposure to the legendary heat and winds that characterize weather conditions in central California. In some areas of the house, the previous paint job may have blistered, creating unsightly bubbles. There may be loose or missing caulking around the doors and windows. And when compared to other homes in the neighborhood, your house may simply look dull and tired, no longer featuring that coveted “curb appeal” look it sported years ago.

The Yancey Company is a long-time expert at providing the fresh facelift that your home needs to look its best again. If it’s been more than five years since you’ve had the exterior of your home painted, it makes good sense to contact the best painting contractor Sacramento has to offer and give Yancey Company a call. There are numerous benefits to having the experienced painting professionals from Yancey Company handle any exterior home painting project.

Safety First

Professional exterior house painting is not a job for do-it-yourselfers, or amateurs. No matter the height, size or shape of your house, Yancey Company painting contractors have all the proper equipment to complete the job safely with no accidents or mishaps that can result in costly legal troubles. Yancey Company is a fully licensed and professional painting contractor dedicated to doing every exterior painting project right the first time, in the safest manner possible.

Proper Equipment and Products

Our years of experience at completing exterior painting means that we will recommend the right type of paint to suit your home’s specific needs. Yancey Company is committed to using only top quality exterior paints and complementary painting products to ensure that the final result not only makes your home look appealing again but also lasts for years and performs beyond your expectations.


Accurate prep work, including wood repair and the replacement of trim, spot replacement of siding where necessary, the complete removal of old paint, and sanding and priming the surfaces, is essential for outstanding final results. The professional exterior painting services provided by Yancey Company involves paying attention to every detail, including knowing exactly which painting technique, spraying, brushing or rolling, is needed on different parts of a home’s exterior, in order to produce a lasting finish.

Adequate Protection

Yancey painting contractors take the time to cover and protect your landscaping and hardscaping while we are painting your home’s exterior. We take special care to protect your doors and windows from any overspray. We are also proud of our status as a fully licensed and insured painting contractor Sacramento in order to protect our clients from any liability incurred during the painting process.

You can ask any of our 100% satisfied customers and they will also tell you that a Yancey Company crew never leaves a mess behind once we have completed a house painting project. Our painters have a great reputation for being friendly, focused on the job at hand, and going the extra mile to not cause any more disruption on your property while working than is necessary. And the only evidence that our painting crew has been on your property once we’re done is a house that looks beautiful, thanks to our painting expertise.

Trust the Experts – Painting Contractor Sacramento

You wouldn’t trust your face or body to anyone less than a licensed and certified cosmetic surgeon, so why trust the house you live in to anyone less than a fully licensed, insured, and experienced professional painting contractor? Whether you live in a mid-century modern one story home or a historic Victorian mansion, hiring the exterior painting services of Yancey Company carries with it a number of beneficial guarantees.

Yancey Company exterior painting services are guaranteed to provide house painting services that include top quality paint products, applied by licensed and insured painting contractors who pay attention to detail, support a safe working environment, and protect your overall property while they are in the business of doing what they do best — giving your home a lasting makeover that enhances your daily living experience there.

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