Steve CokerHello, I am Steve Coker.

Being a master communicator and having an attention to detail has allowed me to create long lasting relationships in the home improvement industry for almost 20 years.

    • Lived in the Central Valley since 1997
    • Managed and designed for an award winning Top 500 Contractor
    • Maintained employment for 19 years under the same roof
    • Husband and father of 4

My clients have said that I’m patient, passionate and full of energy. Designing your dream project while keeping a realistic budget in mind is my specialty. Also, having empathy for all my clients that are going through this amazing experience.

My family motto has always been “Be the right person. Do the right thing”. Having strong family values and family traditions like camping at the same campground for 2 generations. (soon to be 3 generations 1st grandchild is on their way!) Keeps my family and I grounded.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Steve Coker
Design Consultant
Yancey Company
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Cell: (925) 413-8584
Office: (916) 441-1616