Room Additions and Conversions Offer More Living Space

Have circumstances for your household changed over the past year? Have you and your spouse become empty nesters, find yourself welcoming adult children back to the family home, or offering to care for an elderly relative? Then you may be a good candidate for the professional Sacramento Home Remodeling services offered by Yancey Company.

Our expert home remodeling technicians can help you to maximize the layout of your home in order to gain more space. But the investment that you make in any degree of Sacramento home remodeling will not only offer your family a more comfortable and enjoyable living experience, it will also increase the resale value of your property in the years ahead.

Creating More Space

Your circumstances may have need for an extra bedroom to accommodate an elderly family member, an adult child returning to the nest, or simply an extra room that can be readily available as a guest room for visitors. Our team can create an extra room called a ‘granny flat’ that can nicely provide living accommodations for one or two people, designed with a separate entryway that doesn’t require access to the main home.

The Yancey Company also specializes in second story additions known as dormers. Many homeowners who are recently retired, widowed or are now living alone find it a good idea to invest in remodeling their home to include a second story addition that can easily be rented out to a family member or friend, a local student, or another retiree as a welcome additional source of income.

Transforming Current Space

A current basement or attic space that has been used as a storage place for unwanted junk for far too long can easily be transformed into a family recreational room or a separate bedroom, a space to pursue hobbies, or even a family media room. We can also remodel two smaller rooms into one larger space, or make one large room more intimate by dividing it in half.

Garage Conversions

If your garage is no longer being used to house a vehicle, it can be remodeled into a fantastic man cave or game room that can be enjoyed on a year-round basis. Or perhaps it’s always been your dream to be able to pursue woodworking, jewelry making or another hobby or passion in a space solely dedicated to that pursuit. Why settle for a garage that has become a haphazard storage space when it can be remodeled into a place where you can enjoyably spend more of your leisure time?

The Yancey Advantage

When you add more room to your existing home, or transform your existing space to maximize your usage of it through a Sacramento home remodeling project conducted by Yancey Company, you’ll be amazed at the return on your investment. We are both licensed and insured, and rated one of the most reputable companies for home improvement projects in Central California.

How you can transform space in your home via remodeling is limited only by your imagination and our extensive skills. Give Yancey a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and start getting more enjoyment from every square foot of your property!