What Are Sunrooms Used For?

Sunrooms are the perfect place to lounge in the morning, taking in the sunshine with a cup of coffee in your hand. But, they are the perfect places for a lot of other activities, too. Sunrooms are versatile rooms that can be used for a multitude of purposes. 

Their versatility is the reason that hundreds of thousands of people have them in their home. Plus, it’s nice to have a room in your home that has full-sized glass windows on one, two, or even three of the walls. The natural sunlight that filters through the windows makes a sunroom a tranquil, beautiful place in your home. 

If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home, you are likely asking yourself how you will use the space. There are lots of ways to put your sunroom to use. 


How Sunrooms Are Used


What makes sunrooms different from the rest of the home is that they are partly indoors while also partly outdoors. The large windows let in natural sunlight and give views of the outside. But, sunrooms also provide protection from the elements, so you can stay dry and comfortable inside. Rain, snow, cold winds, hot temperatures and bugs won’t affect you while you’re inside your sunroom. It is an investment that many find well worth it. 

There are lots of ways you can decorate and use your sunroom. You should choose to use it in a way that works well for you and your family. Here are some of the most popular ways people use their sunrooms.

Extra Family Room

Add couches, a television and a coffee table to your sunroom so your family can relax and hang out together. Use this room as a gathering place for your family to watch a movie together or play a board game. 

This extra room can also be used by someone in the family who wants to get away from everyone to watch their own show. When family members are arguing over what to watch one night, send one group to the extra family room to watch what their favorite movie or TV show while the others put on what they want. It’s the perfect compromise. 

Craft or Hobby Room

Are you looking for a space to work on all your crafts or home improvement projects? A sunroom might just be it. You can use your sunroom to store the materials for your project and have a clear workspace to work on. When you have a dedicated room for your crafts or your hobby, everything remains organized and in place. Whether you like sewing, painting, pottery or 3D printing, the sunroom will make the perfect hobby room. 

Entertainment Room

Call your friends, because your sunroom may just be the location of all your upcoming parties. Add a pool table or ping pong table to have fun with friends, or install a bar and some seating to host casual cocktail nights. Sunrooms make great entertainment rooms. You can even add a projector or large TV and turn it into a theater room. If you like hosting parties and having friends and family members over, this is the best way to use your sunroom. 

Spa Room 

Relax in the comfort of your home with a spa room. Add a jacuzzi to the room so you can sit back and loosen up, without ever having to worry about stepping into the cold weather. Add some plants and an essential oil diffuser to give the room a calming ambiance. You’ll love having a room in your home that you can go to unwind. Gaze at the stars while keeping comfortable indoors. 


Imagine having a room where your kids can roam free but once guests come over, you simply close off the doors and hide the mess of toys inside the sunroom. Sunrooms make excellent playrooms, where kids can play with toys or do art projects in one place. Contain the mess in one single room that is off the side of the home.  

The other benefit of using sunrooms as playrooms is that children can get some sunlight during the day, but they are safely indoors. They will be able to experience the benefits of being outdoors without the problems that can come with being outside, such as busy roads, bugs and mud. 

Exercise Room 

Set up some exercise equipment to bring the gym to your house. It’s a refreshing feeling to run on the treadmill while looking at your backyard and feeling the sun on your skin. You’ll feel like your outdoors, but without the intense heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter. Install some fans to keep you cool as you work out in your new sunroom. 

Home Office 

Being exposed to natural light is proven to increase work productivity and your overall mood. Plus, it can actually help you sleep. Setting up a home office in your sunroom allows you to take advantage of those benefits. You can occasionally give your eyes a rest from the computer by turning your attention to the large windows showcasing your backyard. 

If you work at home while your kids are home, working in a sunroom gives you the added benefit of keeping an eye on your kids in the yard while you work. The entire sunroom can be used as an office or one section of it can be used as your work station. 

Greenhouse Conservatory

If you’ve ever tried to grow plants inside, you’ve learned how hard it can be for plants to get the amount of sunlight they need. The whole idea of a sunroom is to let the sun in. Convert your sunroom into a mini greenhouse conservatory by filling it with plants, flowers and herbs. You can install glass roof panels to allow sunlight to pour in from all angles. 


You can either turn your sunroom into a single-purpose room, or you can make it a playroom/entertainment room/guest bedroom. Use it for whatever you need it for that day. Add a reading nook or a meditation space if you want to. That versatility is what so many people love about sunrooms. 


How to Decorate Your Sunroom


Sunrooms are very unique rooms. They tend to be brighter rooms, and the indoor/outdoor feeling makes them different from other rooms in the home. There are some tips you should keep in mind when decorating your sunroom. 

  • Choose resilient furniture and artwork. The furniture inside of your sunroom won’t be dealing with rain or winds, but they will be hit by the sun’s rays day in, day out. You should furnish your sunroom with objects that are less likely to be sun-bleached, such as acrylic and polyester fabrics. Use a sealant on wood furniture and regularly apply a conditioner on any leather in the room. 
  • Keep the outdoor theme going. Boost the outdoor vibes by decorating the room with plenty of plants. You can also use outdoor style seating and tables to better tie the indoors and outdoors together. 
  • Add a few lamps. It’s common for homeowners not to have their sunrooms wired for electricity so they can cut costs. The windows add some great light during the day, but you’ll want some lamps to use once the sun goes down. Put an adequate amount of lamps around the room so you can enjoy it in the evening, too.  


How Should I Use My Sunroom? 


You might have a million ideas running through your mind about how to use your sunroom. That’s good, but it’s also a little overwhelming. Narrow down your ideas by asking yourself what furniture you already have that can be moved to the sunroom. Or, ask yourself what type of room would get the most use? 

If you have any questions about the type of sunroom you should add to your home, chat with a professional sunroom contractor. They can show you the different styles of sunrooms that are possible and help you discover a style that is best for you and your family. 

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